When she finally got to know what love actually is!


I always underestimated and joked about love until one day I actually fell in love myself. Now, every day I am able to understand love a little better. Now I understand it is worth all the hype. We are humans and we are bound to feel happy, sad, emotional and in million other ways and it is love which takes us to a roller coaster ride of all these emotions. You must not be afraid to fall in love.  Go deep down your soul and love him with all your heart. Do whatever you can to bring that smile on his face. Be vulnerable! Give him the power to destroy you and still trust him that he will save you. It is annoying, it is terrifying, it is dead risky, but it is what it is. Even a drop of love is worth the risk. The bitter truth is that if you are playing safe with love, you have never loved at all. When you are sad because of him, don’t forget he is the one who makes you roll on the floor laughing. When you are angry at him, don’t forget you are partly acting because you l…

3 prank call ideas which I tried and you must try too!

I live in a hostel and there I have a gang of fun loving notorious girls and we have become experts in prank calling by now. We actually buy an unlimited plan on one phone for calling, then we connect it with a JBL speaker, and then we change turns in calling. We call all the guys we know off and it is so entertaining. Like I will call my friend’s friend and my friends call my guy friends so that they do not recognize the voices. I can share with you 3 call pranks which we tried and you can try as well:- OLX prank: -“Hello Sir, I am calling from OLX. You have put a laptop on sale. ”  “No, I haven’t” “Do you have a laptop?” “Yes” “Does it run properly?” “Yes” “Chain it or it will run away.” “What nonsense” HANGS UP! We call again- “Hello Sir” “What” (a little annoyed) “Do you have a laptop?” “No” “Oh god, that is why I told you to chain it. See now it ran away ” “Who is this?”(Smiling) “What is in the name?” We Hang up.
Lover girl prank :- “Hello” “Hello sweetheart” “Sorry, who is this?” “You don’t know me …

Why Vitruvian Man is considered one of the greatest works of Leonardo D Vinci

Why Vitruvian Man is considered one of the best works of Leonardo D Vinci!

Vitruvian Man is considered one of the greatest masterpieces of Leonardo the Vinci who was the most prestigious artist of his time. It is named as Vitruvian man because it was made based on the works of a famous Mathematician named Vitruvius. It was not a wall painting or a canvas painting but just a sketch which was found in the notebook of Leonardo d Vinci. There were several notes written above and below the painting which described the concept on which the Vitruvian man was made. To understand the meaning of this wonderful art, we first need to understand about a magical number PHI. Do not confuse it with PI which we use to find areas related to circles. The Vitruvian Man is based on this number also acknowledged as the divine proportion by many. Let us see some details about PHI to understand it clearly. The value of PHI is 1.61803. It looks just like any other ordinary decimal number. So, what is so specia…

Kya hoga tumlogon se door hone ke baad...

Kya hoga tumlogon se door jane ke baad Bas yahi dar dil me bhara rehta hai Honge who din na itne rangeen Bas yahi gam zara rehta hai
Toh aao in lamhon ko kuch aise sajayen In palon ko itna khubsurat banaye Ki jab bhi yeh waqt hume yaad aaye Hum panchon khilkhilaker muskuraye Chahe hum zindagi me kitne bhi age badh jaye Ek dusre ko kbhi na bhulaye Kuch hi samay hai saath me ise khulker jeelo yaron Kya pata yeh waqt…yeh mauka wapas aye na aye
Ab ho chuki hai tums ab ki adat kuch aisi Ki chutti hone par bhi khushi kam gham zyada hai Par soch liya hai maie hai meri chahat kuch aisi Ki kbhi peecha nhi chodungi ye mera wada hai
Afsos ki par sach hai…samay pankh lagaye udh jaega Hum ek dusre ko chidhate masti krte rahenge or who din aa jaega Hume ehsaa bhi na hoga ki alag hai rahein ab hamari Pata nhi who pal mujhe…jume kitna rulaega… Hume abhi ehsaas nhi ye waqt kitna khushnaseeb hai Ehsaas tab hoga jab ye waqt chala jaega
Bhale hi khale hum 5 star ka hifi khana Par rashi ke tiffin ka bread pizza kon khilaeg…


Ladkiyon ko chedna…unhe maili nazar se dekhna… In dushkarmon ka rukna bahut zaruri hai Ladki hona na koi majburi hai Is baat ko samajhna bohot zaruri hai
Log kehte hai kya hua…Yeh toh choti si baat hai… Aaj ke kalyug me hota yeh har kisi ke saath hai… Magar ye chhoti baat nhi…Ladki ke samman par vaar hai Aur aisi bhavheen soch ka hona…swatantra bharat ki haar hai
Ladkiyon me bharna aatma vishwas bohot zaruri hai Jo galat ko galat keh sake who awaz bohot zaruri hai Ladkiyon ki pavitrata desh ka abhiman hai Desh ke abhiman ko bachana bohot zaruri hai
Kapdon se charitrata ki pehachan nhi hoti Is baat ko apnana bohot zaruri hai Ladkiyan saude ka samaan nhi hoti Is baat ka samjh aana bohot zaruri hai
Ladkiyon ko suraksha ka ehsaas dilana bohot zaruri hai Apne andar ke insaan ko jagana bohot zaruri hai Badlav ke liye awaz me asar lana bohot zaruri hai Jahan nidar hoke chal sake ladkiyan… Aise bharat ka samne ana bohot zaruri hai
Bas ab ye sab bohot ho chukka Is tasveer ka badal jana bohot zaruri hai Ladkiyon ki p…


Papa mera jana kya itna zaruri hai… Apke bina toh har khushi adhuri hai Har kaam hua hai pura apke ashirwad se Apne is ghr me toh duniya puri hai
Beti is duniya ka yahi chalan hai Betiyan yahan pe paraya dhan hai Jaegi tu ghar se magar dil se nahi Tut oh is dil ki dhadkan hai
Beti tut oh ghar ki muskan hai Dil cheer ke dekh le tera hi naam hai Itna hi pyar hai toh karo mujhko na door Kya karun beti mai bhi hun majboor
Aaye tere liye yahan rishte hazar hai Kisi ka Canada me bada karobar hai Kisi ke sansad me kayi rishtedar hai Rakhenge beti tujhko rani ki tarah Magar kya who honge apki tarah
Mujhe na chahiye koi jiska karobaar hai Ya jiske sansad me kai rishtedar hai Chahiye koi jisme chhavi ho apki Sanskar ho jisme bilkul apki tarah
Bacha ke rakh sake mujhe apni nigahon me Rakha hai jis tarah aapne palkon ki chhav me Daant bhi sake who mujhe sahi baat par Ruthu toh mana le mujhe apki tarah
Choti Choti baton par who mujhe has aye Office se aate aate kulfi lekar aaye Muh fulau to…


Whenever I see these drops of rain I go down to my memory lane When I and my friends made a human train And went out to get wet in the rain
Mum kept screaming, “Are you out of your brains” But we ignored that and kept dancing like insane Jumping in the puddles and being happy for no reason All these small joys made monsoon my favorite season
To feel the shower; we faced the sky To catch the dark cloud…we made a try… Whenever my paper boat sailed…my eyes gleamed Where have those days gone…I often dreamed?
Now I have so much of work pending And an e-file which my colleague is not sending My clothes will get dirty…my hair will get messed up I may get a cold and I might have to get dressed up
My heart requested my brain…that just for today… Keep all these silly thoughts away Today…after a long time…once again I stepped out of the house in the rain
It worked like magic…all my worries are gone And my same childhood happy mode was on Today, I again made a paper boat and when it sailed The happiness and the gl…